Across 2019 and 2020 as Artistic Director of The PaperBoats, I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Matthew Wilder to direct and support the creation of his online performance called The Strangest Dream. 

The Strangest Dream intimately shares Matthew’s roller-coaster ride as a pop-star, song-writer, composer, record producer and parent.

It’s a deeply human story about the ups, downs and roundabouts of an artist finding his path.

I’m really proud to be part of this project. I love Matty’s music and his story is fascinating and beautifully told.

Please watch it at your leisure on Vimeo on Demand by clicking on the “RENT” button below.

Dave BrownDirector of The Strangest Dream

The autobiographical account of Matthew Wilder takes us on the wild and wonderful journey of a singer-songwriter fulfilling his dreams in the tough and unforgiving music industry. We soon see that Wilder is much more than the one-hit-wonder, Break My Stride, back in the 80s. His career has taken him to Oscar and Grammy nominations, writing Disney tunes and producing records for global sensations, No Doubt and Kelly Clarkson.

Director Dave Brown has chosen to make this an intimate and sincere production, and it works. In a touching story, Wilder speaks with honesty and sincerity as he shares his life of many knockbacks and the occasional hit. We are invited into the mind and heart of a writer and the unique challenges he had to overcome during his career. He makes it clear that reaching fame does not guarantee long-term success, and even after success, life doesn’t get much easier.

Andy Ahrens

Theatre Reviewer

From the first hyperspeed minute of info and images, when I hurriedly strapped on my mental seatbelt and prepared for a wild ride, to the very end, singing at the top of my lungs and dancing, I was riveted.

THANK YOU for making such an engaging, driving show. Seth and I had to stop commenting to each other because we didn’t want to miss a word. I hope you’re getting flooded with responses.

The finished product navigates so easily through Matthew’s journey, everyone’s personal memories, behind the scene knowledge, musical craft, and in-the end- such pure love, without a hitch.

Christina Gelsone

Performer/Theatre-Maker, Acrobuffos